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Live Your Dreams

It is never too late to be what you who you want to be. Live the life you dream of, not the life someone else dreams for you. George Eliot

Male Depression

Depression is a serious, yet treatable health condition that can affect any man. While depression is often associated with sadness and hopelessness, it can express itself in many ways such as fits of rage, unnecessary risk taking behaviours, and alcohol or drug abuse How do you know if you or someone you care about may

Summer Blues in August


Just as summer is heading into it’s second month and everyone is talking about vacation time, how wonderful the weather is, and are busy planning weekend get aways and plans you’re just not into summer. And you’re feeling anxious jittery and blah. What’s going on? Do you have the Summer Blues in August? Believe it

Has Divorce Guilt Made You a Bad Parent?

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Therapist Nataxja Cini is speaking with CBC host Stu Mills about Divorce Guilt. Has Divorce Guilt made you a bad parent? How has it impacted your parenting skills? This call-in show explores many aspects of Divorce Guilt and how it can impact your children, your relationship with your children, and your own sense of success

Are You Misunderstanding Your Child or Teen?

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At Family-Therapy we support parents to understand their children and create trust and safety with them. Kids can’t open up to you, develop strong bonds, or lean on you if they feel they can’t trust you. We understanding that parenting children and teens is a tough job. We understand the demands put on parents and

Do you know how to fight fair with your partner?

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Do you know how to fight fair? What DO couples in loving relationships do when they resolve conflict? Too often good marriages are taken for granted and we forget to nurture and care for them.  FIVE things couples who know how to fight fair Do   1) Soft Startups  They start the conversations with some facts.

Classroom Placement for Twins and Other Multiples


You’ve given birth, decided on names, and have survived multiple cold and flu season, and now it’s time to registered your babies for school. Here comes the dreaded question and decision. Do you want your children in the same or different class? What do you do? Do you have a choice? And what is best

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the Holidays

PTSD Counselling

The holiday season can often be difficult for people with Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Suffering from PTSD  can make it more difficult to cope with the holiday season for any number of reasons.  It can be difficult to be merry and joyful through the holiday season if you’re depressed, sleep-deprived, anxious, hypervigilant, trigger-sensitive, and struggling to suppress uncomfortable

Handling Divorce Holiday Schedule with Kids?

Divorce Counselling

Handling Divorce Holiday Schedule with Kids How do divorced families handle the holidays? Well as we know, handling holiday celebrations is a challenge for most families. For separated or divorced families, the holiday stress just increases. Along with attending to the usual holiday events – recitals, gifts, shopping, travelling, and family gatherings, divorced parents find