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We specialize in various areas of mental health for individuals, families, step-families, children, youth, couples and parents.
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Family Therapy & Counselling Services Ottawa

People seek out the extra support that therapy provides for many reasons. Some feel stuck and overwhelmed by a family crisis or relationship difficulties. Others are looking for relief from anxiety, depression, or struggles with anger management. Our dedicated team of Ottawa therapists are here to help you create harmony and happiness in your life. We offer four different Ottawa locations.

We specialize in various areas of mental health for individuals, families, step-families, children, youth, couples and parents. You can find us at 4 convenient locations in Ottawa, including Kanata and Nepean.

Nataxja Cini of Family-Therapy discusses How To Overcome Needle Phobia on CTV Ottawa Morning Live:

The social workers, psychotherapists and counsellors at Family-Therapy in Ottawa create a safe and comfortable environment for you.

Mother daughter after family therapy

Gain insights about yourself, including a deeper understanding of your emotions.

Woman feeling better after family therapy

Learn to manage anxiety, stress, grief, depression, anger, or other emotional struggles, and challenging life situations.

Couple after couples’ therapy

Create short-term and long-term solutions for your problems and relationships in order to enjoy an overall improvement in your quality of life.

Meet life’s challenges with the support you need to thrive

Marriage Counselling

From relationship conflicts and separation, to divorce and custody battles, your Ottawa therapy counsellors offer the professional support that you may need during challenging times. The relationship specialists at Family-Therapy focus on every couple’s unique requirements and struggles, helping to rekindle the sparkle in their relationship.

Teen & Child Counselling

Children or teenagers often experience behavioural difficulties due to reasons such as bullying at school, sibling relationships, blended families, loss of a loved one, or the rapidly changing teen culture. We work with children and youth to help them tide over a variety of challenges during their turbulent phases.

Family Counselling

We work with families, as well as step-families on a wide range of issues, such as parenting challenges, blended family problems, relocation and resettling troubles, substance abuse, unemployment or loss of loved ones. Our family counsellors are trained to work with any member of the family unit.

Individual Counselling

Looking for relief from stress, anxiety or anger issues? Are you struggling with depression or coping with PTSD? Our dedicated team understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all cure, and are Struggling with depression or coping with PTSD? Looking for relief from stress, anxiety or anger issues?

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