How do you Know if it’s Time to Get Professional Help?

How do you Know if its Time to Get Professional Help

Are you wondering if it’s time to consider therapy? In this blog, we’ll explore the signs that may indicate it’s the right moment to seek professional assistance. Mental and emotional health can be complex, and sometimes, self-help isn’t enough. If you’ve been grappling with persistent emotional pain, unresolved issues, or the lingering effects of past

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Therapist

How do I choose the right therapist Simple Tips to Help You

Choosing a therapist is an important decision and it isn’t an easy one to make. The right therapist can help an individual reclaim their life and maintain their wellbeing. However, with so many therapists in Ottawa, how can you find the best counsellor to help you?  Key factors to consider when choosing a therapist  1. Experience 

Wondering How Long Does Therapy Last? Find Out!

Wondering How Long Does Therapy Last? Find Out!

The pace of life seems to be getting faster each day, with time appearing to always be in short supply. Individuals and families considering counselling in Ottawa  probably want to know how long therapy takes before they commit to a treatment plan. Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer as to how long therapy can last, but some

What Is Therapy or Counselling?

Family Therapy November Thumbnail What is Therapy or Counselling

Therapy is a process in which you meet with a qualified counsellor to discuss your feelings, problems, and difficulties. Therapy helps you find solutions to the challenges you’re facing. It’s a non-judgmental space where you can explore your behaviours and habits to make changes that will help you live your best life. Counselling services in Ottawa help

What is Loneliness?

What is Loneliness?

Family-Therapy’s founder, Nataxja Cini spoke to Lydia Di Francesco, host of Fit & Healthy 365 on CHIN Radio Ottawa 97.9FM about Loneliness and how to combat it. Contrary to what many of us might think, loneliness is not synonymous with chosen isolation, living by yourself, being away from others, or solitude. Instead, loneliness is defined

How Can Counselling in Ottawa Help Me and My Family?

How Can Counselling Help Me & My Family?

Day-to-day life can be draining and can negatively impact our emotional state. Sometimes a family crisis or a difficult relationship can make an already stressful situation even more difficult. Relief is possible with the nonjudgmental support you find through family counselling in Ottawa. If you have considered utilizing the services of a counsellor or therapist,

COVID-19 Counselling


All the Help You Need to Support Your Mental Health During COVID-19 To our valued clients, We hope you are well and managing to steer through these trying and constantly changing times. During this period of uncertainty, it is important for us to care for our basic needs of health and safety, including our emotional