Building Positive Relationships: the Value of Hugs

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Building Positive Relationships

I have a present for you, but I need to borrow your arms for wrapping paper.

~Author Unknown

We all love to receive and give hugs. Well that’s not quite 100% true. Many of us love to receive and give hugs. You might use hugs to express your love  and affection for your family and friends. Some of us hug as a way of saying hello and goodbye. But unfortunately hugging  someone else or receiving a hug may make some of us uncomfortable. And we need to respect differences.

Reasons to Give and Get Hugs Daily 

 Hugs make us feel GOOD

Hugging helps to release a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is called “love hormone”. People who have recently “fallen in love” seem to have the highest levels of oxytocin when compared with single people who are not in a relationship. Higher levels of oxytocin are also associated with reduced stress and more pro social behaviours.

Hugs can reduce our stress

Hugging reduces your stress levels. Who would choose stress over a hug? Hugging reduces the tension in your body which then helps calm you.

Hugs make us feel connected and loved

We all know how wonderful it is to receive hugs by someone who loves us and supports us. Hugs are a great way to keep connected and demonstrate our love for each other. Giving or receiving a hug can create a sense of trust between people.

Hugs are universal

Even if you don’t speak someone’s language, hugs are understood by everyone. So many emotions can be conveyed in a hug. You can offer, friendship, peace, empathy and understanding through a hug.