What is relationship counselling and how does it work?

What is relationship counselling and how does it work

Relationship counselling in Ottawa is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on improving relationships between two or more people. It can be used to address a wide range of issues, from communication problems to family conflicts, and parenting difficulties. Couples counsellors or marriage therapists can help identify underlying issues, create strategies for resolving them, and build healthier relationships. The aim of relationship counselling is to explore ways in which the couple can better understand one another, resolve conflicts more effectively, be closer to one another and resolve past hurt.  

What to expect during a couple’s therapy session 

Typically, couples attend couples sessions together with their marriage therapist. During these sessions the couples counsellor will help each individual feel heard while facilitating discussion between the two of you. This could include exploring past events that have impacted the current situation, identifying unhelpful patterns of interaction, problem-solving, and exploring ways to build or deepen trust.  

During a session, the couples counsellor will explore and discuss your particular issues and concerns. They may ask questions to gain insight into the dynamics of your relationship and help you uncover underlying feelings or beliefs that are causing tension. The counsellor will provide guidance on how to improve communication, manage conflicts constructively, negotiate differences more effectively, and develop mutual respect. Throughout all couple sessions, the marriage therapist creates a safe space for both of you to explore issues and conflicts which may be too difficult to discuss on your own.   

Couples counselling in Ottawa may also involve individual sessions with each partner, where they can discuss their feelings and emotions around the issues in a safe and confidential space. This can enable them to gain greater insight into themselves as well as their partner, while allowing them to develop healthier communication strategies going forward.  

It is important to note that couples counselling is not  a quick fix to all your problems; rather, by slowly building better relationships over time, couples counselling may be able to help improve your relationship. With patience and commitment from both parties, counselling can bring about lasting changes in relationships that promote understanding and closeness.  

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