Parental Estrangement CBC Interview

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In case you miss the radio show, CBC Ontario Today, you can listen in to Nataxja Cini MSW RSW, talk about Parental Estrangement. It was a great call-in show. We heard many parents and children talk about their experiences and what helped them. We heard some current ongoing tragic sad stories and some really happy positive outcomes too.  Guests tweeted about Parental Estrangement and even shared help groups where parents can get support. If you’re a parent estranged from your child visit They offer a network of support and self-help for parents, guardians, and relatives across southern Ontario.

Thank you to Rita Celli for having me on the CBC Ontario Today at noon. Please share with your friends and network. You never know who could use some timely advice. Visit us at Family Therapy if you need to speak with a psychotherapist about Parental Estrangement. Unfortunately, you can no longer listen to this radio interview.

CBC Parental Estrangement