Overcoming Dating Anxiety in Ottawa

a couple holding hands and overcoming dating anxiety

Everyone can relate to social anxiety to some degree since anxiety in Ottawa isn’t an uncommon thing. We’ve all felt some level of social anxiety if we’re starting school, going to a party where you don’t know anyone, or starting a new job. Different people deal with it in different ways, whether it’s through therapy or CBD Oil for anxiety. It can also be caused by different things for everyone and for a lot of people, social anxiety goes hand-in-hand with dating. Meeting new people and creating personal relationships can be extremely intimidating. Having to be the sole source of conversation on a date can create a lot of expectations and pressure for someone who suffers from social anxiety. If you’re experiencing anxiety in Ottawa about dating, you’re not alone. Social anxiety often starts as you enter your teenage years. Women are unfortunately more likely to experience social anxiety than men. It’s very common and there are places to go that specialize in treating social anxiety in Ottawa. In addition to seeking professional help for your dating anxiety, here are some tips that can help a person deal with anxiety around dating:

Dating Tips for People with Social Anxiety

1. Avoid the usual: the usual places to go for a date can be the worst for someone with anxiety in Ottawa. They’re typically clubs, bars, restaurants or parties and they put a heavy emphasis on social interaction and one on one conversation. Instead of places for dates, try thinking of activities for dates that can give you both something to talk about. Bowling, hiking, bike riding, attending a festival or concert or volunteering are all possible options for people with anxiety in Ottawa.

2. Keep your friends close by: when you suffer from social anxiety, your friends can be your best and most reliable support system. Many studies have illustrated how much more confident people are when they have that strong support system in place. Group dates or organized activities that don’t have the “I’m on date” feeling are an acceptable and easy way to alleviate dating anxiety in Ottawa. Having your friends around can provide you with more comfort and can take a lot of the pressure and expectations off of you.

3. Be open about your social anxiety: If you start feeling anxious you may discover that talking and expressing your anxiety can actually make the feeling diminish. Most people will respect your honesty to be open about yourself.

4. Exercise: while this may not be the first thing you think of to remedy dating anxiety; the benefits of exercise cannot be understated. Exercise releases endorphins into your brain that can improve your moods and it relaxes your muscles so that they’re less tense and makes your anxiety symptoms less severe. The most important aspect of exercise is that it helps you feel better about yourself and can give you more confidence, especially when dealing with your romantic relationships.

Dating can be one of the largest challenges for people with anxiety in Ottawa. It’s inherently social and puts a lot of pressure on you as an individual, which in turn can create even more anxiety. In most cases, the best course of action is to work on addressing and treating your social anxiety before getting started with dating. While these tips can help or mitigate your social anxiety, it’s always best to see the help of a professional to fully treat you anxiety. If you are interested in seeing is you suffer from social anxiety you can rate your anxiety by filling out the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale online.