Ottawa Depression Mitigated with Meaningful Relationships

Whether we are parents, educators, or caregivers, we strive to teach and promote independence to the next generation we are bringing up. After all, our society values it greatly; we are constantly bombarded with the message that independence equals strength—to the point that expressing any kind of need for, or dependence on, others is a sign of weakness. However, Ottawa depression therapists agree that dependence does not mean needy or lack of competence! People are designed to need each other; in fact, healthy relationships are a cornerstone to our health and wellbeing, and actually play an important role in preventing us from succumbing to depression in Ottawa.

Evidence consistently shows that trusting, meaningful relationships with others not only combats the depression people in Ottawa struggle so much with, but increases the odds of living a long, satisfied, healthy life. Knowing others care genuinely care about you acts as a kind of buffer against life’s stresses. It’s not even about “having all the answers” or “being able to fix things”; it’s the support of having an emotional, supportive, human connection rather than the alternative loneliness, isolation and resulting depression Ottawa therapists too often see.

Even larger than effecting less Ottawa area depression, healthy relationships provide the psychological framework, or ability, to safely grow in, explore, and learn about the world around us. When people feel safe and not threatened, they are free to experience new things, take risks, and simply grow as human beings. Close relationships provide the freedom to love and be loved, they validate self-worth, they provide security, and they help us in the bad times, and celebrate the good ones. A poignant example of a caring relationship that is evidenced by emotional strength, unwavering support and very likely unconditional love is one many have witnessed in the singing duo of Jonathan and Charlotte, of Britain’s Got Talent fame.* The live singing audition in front of celebrity judges and a live audience did not only warm peoples’ hearts due to the obvious vocal talent, but also because the courage, genuine care, and supportive partnership the duo conveyed. The courage it took for Jonathan to sing was at least in part due to the emotional strength and security provided by Charlotte, his singing partner.

Our sense of identity is built on the notion—the truth!—that we are part of something more than just self-survival. Instead of living with depression in Ottawa, genuinely connecting with others makes us happier, which in turn makes others happy to be around us! Ottawa depression experts know that it’s hard to stay down when you’re surrounded by joy. Don’t lose sight of the important purpose of getting together with loved ones, and fostering meaningful relationships. We have various methods to help you out. Whether it be from love and support to looking into drug-related therapy. There have been some great studies online that support the use of marijuana ( for your supplies) which have proven to be quiet successful in patients.