Counselling in Ottawa Conquers Fear

counselling can help this scared girl conquer her fears

Of all the obstacles an individual faces on his or her path to reaching out for counselling in Ottawa, the biggest one by far is one’s own self. Despite the apparent “normalizing” of therapy that modern society seems to have accomplished—self-help books, online resources, and television talk shows and so on—psychologists in Ottawa don’t underestimate the challenge it can be to take the first step in asking for help. People cite many reasons for avoiding counselling in Ottawa, the root of most of them being fear: Fear of change and the unknown, fear of judgment, and simply fear of the stigma of counselling, itself, are all impediments to realizing improved mental health.

Fear of Change and the Unknown: Avoidance of counselling in Ottawa happens all too frequently because, quite frankly, people like what they know, and will resist change even in the face of the status quo being detrimental or even harmful! Confronting issues feels risky. One can’t know what emotions will be dredged up, or what ‘moving on’ looks like, exactly. Changing or growing might even be perceived to create new pressures, or not allow someone to recognize or ‘know’ him or herself anymore. Working with a psychologist in Ottawa can help people come to terms with such fears by understanding the consequences of maintaining life “as-is,” instead of moving forward.

Fear of Being Judged: Fear of being judged by others is probably something everyone has struggled with, at least to some degree; people can really be their own worst accusers, blaming themselves for negative situations, or feeling buried with feelings of shame—so the idea of sharing one’s innermost thoughts or struggles with a complete stranger is intimidating! Fortunately, forming a relationship with a psychologist in Ottawa is a blank slate. He or she is trained to offer an outside perspective in an environment that is warm, positive, and accepting, as well as an atmosphere that is safe, nonjudgmental, and, importantly, confidential.

Fear of the “Stigma”: Though largely based on lack of information, or even misinformation, many people do still feel there is a stigma associated with seeing a psychologist in Ottawa; admitting—even to one’s own self!—to needing therapy is still often “translated” as a person being incapable, at best, and crazy, at worst; it’s an admission that one simply can’t cope with or manage life or is a failure. The truth is, however, that anyone can reap benefits from therapy, and people do seek it out for many different reasons or issues, both large and small. Life is full of challenges, and a good psychologist in Ottawa is an invaluable, objective resource who can guide healing in difficult situations, or even help those seeking better insight and wanting to work on themselves.

Those who have benefited from counselling in Ottawa have tapped into a support system that encourages, coaches, validates, and helps to transform so they can truly enjoy a more meaningful land happy life.