Ottawa Counselling Offers Alternatives to Out-of-Control Anger

man with out-of-control anger, yelling into phone

Anyone having benefited from anger management counselling in Ottawa has undoubtedly been assured this: Anger is an accepted response to injustice and a natural reaction to perceived threats to ourselves or the people and things that we care about.  It can even be constructive when used as an impetus to protect ourselves and others, or effect positive change. Anger can be an emotion that many people struggle with keeping in perspective, leading their anger to become misguided, misplaced, and out of control. If you are struggling with anger management in Ottawa, it is likely that your anger has become destructive and it probably negatively impacts the quality of your life.

Seeking counselling or Anger Management Services in Ottawa or Kanata?

Looking counselling is a positive first step in working towards identifying the triggers to one’s anger, then developing strategies to keep it from escalating.  While there is no single profile for someone struggling with anger management in Ottawa, there are some common behaviours or warning signs that tend to be present.

A need for control, chronic irritation, over-reaction to life’s inconveniences, an inability to take things in stride, being quick to argue and unable—or unwilling—to consider another’s point of view, being physically aggressive, or even withdrawing socially are all red flags to take note of.  A therapist at an Ottawa counselling appointment can help individuals who struggle with anger management to change their thinking and re-process their emotions.

Engaging in cognitive therapy is an example of a productive way that people can take advantage of counselling or other anger management issues in Ottawa. Challenging the negative or destructive ways one thinks can have a significant impact on the unwanted—and unhealthy—behaviour patterns that can create chaos and unhappiness. In a sense, it’s using logic and self-talk to reduce angry emotions, and replacing them with calming and controlled inner responses. For instance, faulty thinking habits habitually lead those struggling with anger to feel they’re often in a “me vs. them” scenario—“them” being family members, colleagues, neighbours, or even fellow commuters! The problem is then compounded by people concluding that any negative situation is always someone else’s fault.  Seeking counselling for anger management in Ottawa can help one replace unrealistic or unhelpful thoughts and behaviours with knowledge, proper perspective, and better judgement.

No one needs to be a slave to anger; the common myth that it’s healthy to ‘get it out’ is not only considered to be untrue, but it can actually make a person feel worse. Conversely, suppressing anger also does not eliminate it, but instead turns it inward, which could lead to depression. The goal of therapists specializing in anger management in Ottawa is to help their clients understand this: Regardless of what others do or say, we can learn to take ownership of our reactions and responses to situations and people, ensuring they are both peaceful and productive.