Letting Go of Poison

a person letting go with raised armes and open hands in the airIn life, we are bound to feel let down, betrayed, lied to and host of other things that leave us feeling resentful or disappointed. Letting go of resentment can free us from a sense of powerlessness and make the way for us to experience the joyful side of life. You may often hear things like “let it go” or “don’t hold onto it” and yet doing this can be a great challenge. What can help us get unstuck from grasp of resentment and disappointment?

We often unconsciously believe that it is up to others to make us feel happy. However, it is ultimately up to us. If we discover that the real power to choose and determine the quality our lives resides within us, we suddenly see what we have been holding onto. We no longer feel the need to wait on others to give us what we need: we go out and seek it ourselves or we discover that we can seek it from within ourselves. Part of being adult and individual is to turn away from waiting for others to tend to our innermost needs and find our answers from within ourselves. This is no small task and our lives are made meaningful through the pursuit of these answers. Sometimes we may need some help in discovering the paths to freedom from dysfunctional resentment and a lingering sense of disappointment that is interfering with our quality of life. What are some negative thoughts or beliefs you’re holding on to? What would it be like for you to let go of these thoughts? What is preventing you from letting go?

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