Death, Grief and Loss. Family-Therapy in Kanata on CTV Morning Live in Ottawa

Nataxja Cini MSW RSW CCC from Family-Therapy in Kanata is the guest this morning with Jeff Hopper. She talks about helping family or friends grieve following Wednesday’s OC Transpo bus crash on CTV Morning Live.

1) Help children keep memories alive by creating a scrapbook or placing pictures of their loved one nearby

2) Read age appropriate books about death

3) Mention the name of the person who died to your children and other family members

4) Your child may be more irritable and angry or clingy. Remind them it’s ok to feel unhappy and normal to experience different emotions

5) Your teen child may be more moody or isolate themselves from you

6) Stay in touch with the person or family who has suffered a loss

7) It’s Ok to feel uncomfortable about death. It’s OK not to know what to say and just say your feel bad for your friend, family member or coworker

8) Don’t offer advice or minimize loss

9) Offer your companionship, company, and practical help

10) Watch for signs someone is not coping. If the person seems unusually depressed, withdrawn and unable to manage basic everyday routines, insist they see a doctor or talk with a mental health professional.

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