Anger Management: How do You Handle Your Anger?

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Individual Anger Management

Do you need individual anger therapy? We all get angry from time to time. Traffic jams, line-ups at the store, computer crashes, humidity, and heat are some of the things that can make our tempers flare. Anger is a normal, healthy human emotion. Our anger tells us we’ve reached our limits or this is an emotionally raw spot for us or we want something to change or we’re really upset about an event, an experience or something someone said. Anger causes our blood pressure and our heart rate to increase. We may even have a physical reaction when we get angry, some people even turn bright red when they’re angry.

Our anger is out of control when we lash out in rage be it physically or verbally. Other people may be afraid of their anger, holding in their anger, suppressing their emotions.neither one of these are healthy ways to deal with your anger.

Unfortunately some of the ways we respond to our anger are unhealthy and lead to problems. We can’t just lash out at other people, animals, or object that annoys us. This just doesn’t make sense. Studies show suppressing or ignoring your anger can cause cause high blood pressure, and even depression. And swallowing your anger is no better.

Sometimes, people have difficulty expressing their anger in a healthy manner. They may need to speak to a therapist who knows how to work with you and your anger. Here at Family-Therapy we have  anger management therapists who can help you explore your anger and find healthy ways for you to express yourself.

How do you deal with your anger?

Anger is a negative emotion. You may have been taught that it’s all right to express positive emotions but not to express your anger or other uncomfortable emotions. Sometimes we never learn how to deal with our anger or how to constructively express our anger.

One place to start is to explore what triggers your anger. Get a better understanding of what makes you frustrated or explosive. And then develop ways to keep yourself from boiling over. Another strategy is to develop positive ways to express your needs. Sometimes people boil over after they have kept silent for a long time. It’s important to learn how to express your needs in a positive manner that does not harm yourself, your family, your children and even your coworkers.

If you feel that your anger is out of control, if it is negatively impacting your close relationships and on other important parts of your life, it might be time to talk to a therapist about learning how to control your anger through anger management Ottawa. Call us today and learn more how talking with a therapist can help you better manage your anger.