What are you doing for Self-Care?

As we keep on being in shut down, it’s important for us to remember Self-care is more important now as we have less connections with people. Life can sometimes become overwhelming. Self-care can improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and teach you how to treat others.

If you are experiencing:

1) poor sleep or sleeping more
2) increased use of alcohol or drugs (even prescription medication or over the counter sleeping pills)
3) feeling detached from others
4) feeling hopeless
5) more easily annoyed or getting angry

These are all signs that you might be overwhelmed and you could use some self-care and nurturing.

Self-Care looks like

1) Saying NO to demands made on you.
2) Ordering out instead of cooking
3) getting to bed early or earlier than usual
4) Lowering your expectations of yourself
5) Learning to turn off social media or the TV

The most important thing about self-care is for you to find ways that make you feel emotionally recharged. Self-care is all about identifying your own needs. And then you focus on yourself and do some activities that nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Self-care never involves anything you do not enjoy.

Benefits of Self-Care include

1) Improves Self-Compassion and Empathy

2) You have more Physical and Emotional Energy

3) Makes You More Productive

We are here to listen.