Turn Anger to Action with Anger Management Help in Ottawa

sand sculpture shows the anguish of dealing with anger

There is hardly a Canadian who hasn’t witnessed the failure, and subsequent fallout, of popular store Target’s venture into our country. However one may choose to keep up with the news, it would be hard to avoid all the stories and conjecture surrounding Target’s departure from Canada: Perhaps even stronger than the disappointment over what could—and should—have been a unique and value-added shopping experience for consumers, is the disillusionment or frustration many of us feel regarding the thousands of citizens who’ll be losing their jobs in the near future. Losing a job simply hurts. Among the range of emotions many of those employees must be feeling, therapists specializing in anger management in Ottawa know that anger will be high on the list. Particularly as these workers must continue to show up, as usual, for work, knowing that their days of employment are numbered.

Therapists offering anger management in Ottawa say that job loss consistently ranks as one of the highest stresses one can experience, along with divorce and even death! The reason for this is that what we do for a living means much more than simply making a living. Our jobs factor largely into how we define ourselves, as well as how others see us. They give structure to our lives, a reason to get up each day, as well as meaning in our day. In short, it’s not hard to understand the angry tailspin one can be thrown into when a job is taken way. The good news that anger management specialists in Ottawa offer is that one can move past hurt and anger, take control of the situation, and move forward.

Quick Tips to Turn Anger into Action

First thing’s first, take care of yourself!  Face your feelings; give yourself permission to acknowledge them—but challenge thoughts of negative self-doubt. In order, stop short of beating yourself up. A support system offering a caring, listening ear can be an important way to get things off your chest without internalizing negative emotions to the point of heading into depression. Maintain a regular schedule, and get exercise, too!

Second, care for others!   Maintain a connection to the people in your life—family, friends, and peers—even if you don’t feel like it. Making the intentional effort to share coffee, or help someone out serves to both network (spread the word that you’re looking for work), and gives you more of a sense of control over your situation. Make plans. Volunteer!

Finally, carefully consider your goals! Ultimately, anger management therapists in Ottawa agree that failures and crises, like job loss, have the potential be opportunities for growth, if we let them. It is never too late to reflect on choices, consider options, or even re-evaluate what makes you happy. Change can be frightening, but it can also be an impetus to take the risks needed to move in new and exciting directions.