Marriage Counselling For Happy Couples: Why It’s Not Just For Rocky Relationships

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happy couple holding hands at sunset on a beach can benefit from marriage counseling

Marriage Counselling For Happy Couples

Marriage Counselling. The phrase alone can carry a stigma. It brings to mind images of couples who are teetering on the brink of disaster, just one fight away from divorce, and who are desperately seeking outside help to salvage whatever is left of the love they once felt for each other.

It’s true – many marriage counselling sessions can be a last-ditch attempt to recover something, which might otherwise be lost forever.  However, that is not always the case.

Sometimes even the happiest of married couples seek counselling. Not because they’re dysfunctional or because they think their love is fading, but because being married brings along a whole slew of responsibilities, personal differences, and challenges. Being married is the “ultimate long term relationship”. And it can be incredibly overwhelming at times and sometimes you just need to talk to a marriage therapist about how it’s working or how it’s not working for you and your partner.

When you commit to spending your life with someone, you also commit to fighting all of life’s toughest battles and exploring all of life’s newest terrains with them. Things like finances, parenting, and even dealing with in-laws can sometimes be tough subjects to navigate on your own. Getting marriage counselling in Ottawa, an outside professional marriage therapist and their unbiased point of view can be one of the best things that you could do for your relationship.

Several local Ottawa couple counselling clinics offer couples marriage sessions.  Couples can bring forward any issue bothering them or that they may simply need a little extra help. No topic is off topic when it comes to marriage or couples counselling. We even sometimes talk about issues that may seem to be irrelevant to their relationship dynamic. Here, in couples therapy you can discuss things such as strategies for balancing financial responsibilities, raise concerns about your child’s new best friend, how you balance work and home responsibilities or whatever topic you and your partner need to talk about which just isn’t happening at home.

Here are a few things happy couples might choose to discuss at an Ottawa couples counselling session:

  1.  Money, or a lack thereof, is the root cause of a large percentage of divorces. Chances are, unless both parties are completely selfless with their money, finances are often a point of contention in a marriage. Even if it’s not presently causing a strain on your relationship, seeking external advice from a marriage counsellor can help avoid money-related issues before they affect your relationship. Simply consulting with an outside individual, like an Ottawa couples counsellor, might be all that it takes to help you find a strategy that works for both of you.
  2.  Parenting is the single biggest and longest job a married couple will take on.  Being responsible for the life of another person can rest heavily on one’s shoulders, and talking to a couple’s counsellor can help you work through any concerns you and your partner might have. Do you have concerned about raising your child? Do you and your spouse disagree on how to raise your children or don’t see eye to eye on parenting issues? Perhaps you aren’t sure whether you’re taking enough time to focus on your relationship with your spouse, or is your concern, whether you’re taking too much time away from your children? Talking to a marriage counsellor can help you find the right answers those questions for you, your partner and your family.
  3.  There’s a saying: “When you marry someone, you marry their family”. While this isn’t strictly true, it can sure feel this way. Expressing your concerns (or dislikes) about a family member to your partner can be difficult, because it’s often hard to see flaws in your own family. Talking with a marriage counsellor at an Ottawa couples counselling session can be a good way to ensure that you work through your feelings without hurting each other, the family member in question or having the discussion end in a fight.

Just remember even happy couples choose to speak with a marriage therapist. Treat your marriage with care and love. Talking with an Ottawa couples counselling is like getting a “tune up” for your marriage. It helps iron out some of the wrinkles and gives you both a safe place to discuss issues before they become full blown problems.