Is Your Past Holding you Down?

a depressed woman who needs counsellingDo you sometimes feel stuck with an old hurt, or feeling of guilt or fear from your past that holds you down? That makes is hard for you to engage fully with your present moments? Sometimes, old wounds and hurts seem to have a life of their own, surfacing once in a while and interfering with the quality of our relationships, friends and family.

It may be time to have a look inward. What pains or unresolved feelings could you be carrying over into your relationships? Do you sometimes find yourself in the same patterns or with the same challenges even though you are in new situations? You might think “what’s in the past is in the past” – and you are right. The past is also the foundation of who we are today – and more often than not, unresolved feelings can play out in new relationships, leaving you wondering – “how come I’m in this situation again?”

Turning inward and resolving unfinished business from your ex, your last job, your broken friendships or all the way back to your upbringing and childhood, can release you from the weight that sometimes holds you down.

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