Dads Parenting Daughters

a dad spends quality time with his daughters washing the car

Dads it’s time to invest in quality time with your daughters.

While it can seem scary at times. It doesn’t take special knowledge for Dads to participate in parenting their daughters. From the time they are born Dads parenting daughters looks like changing diapers, rocking her to sleep and reading bedtime stories. As she ages, Dads parenting daughters look like trips to the park, teaching her how to catch a ball, and playing house or tea or whatever your daughters’ imaginative play looks like.

Investing and creating strong healthy relationships with your daughters is important especially as your daughter enter her teen years. Daughters learn a lot from their fathers. Even if they don’t tell you or show you when they are teens. Be a positive male role model at home and in their lives teaches these young women a lot about relationships and men. Through observing your relationship with their Mom and with them, your daughter learns to be confident and how to create and be in a loving, trusting relationship with boys and eventually with her life partner.

Men need to be involved in their daughters’ lives. Positive loving relationships with you, Dad,  helps to protect your daughters from engaging in high risk early sexual behaviours and unplanned pregnancies.  Spending quality time with your young teen daughters helps build up their self esteem. And through discussions and arguments with you, your daughter learns how to comfortably express her emotions with men and people in authority.

As she becomes a tween or teen, Dads parenting daughters can look like going out for coffee, sharing a joke, doing chores together, working out together, teaching her how to drive or just checking in with them daily and letting your daughter know you are there supporting her. Let your daughter or stepdaughter know you are interested in them and their lives. Talk or text your daughter today and ask her how her day was. Take the time to find out about and support your daughter’s goals  and dreams whether these are scholastic or artistic.

Take the time now to be the Dad who is parenting his daughters. Don’t wait until she’s older to get involved in your little girls’ life.