Dads Parenting Daughters

Dads it’s time to invest in quality time with your daughters. While it can seem scary at times. It doesn’t take special knowledge for Dads to participate in parenting their daughters. From the time they are born Dads parenting daughters looks like changing diapers, rocking her to sleep and reading bedtime stories. As she ages,

Are you Sleepless in Ottawa?

Trouble sleeping? Do you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Do you think your teens aren’t getting enough sleep or are sleeping too much? What do you know about being sleepless in Ottawa? Sleep is essential for every human being. While scientists have figured out a lot about sleep, we still don’t understand everything there

Child Anxiety

Does you child suffer from anxiety? Do you know the symptoms of child anxiety? Young children may not be able to express their emotions or tell you they are suffering from child anxiety. As a parent you may need to look for physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, changes in eating habits or appetite,

Marriage Counseling and Relationships

Why marriage counseling? Our society has created a lot of myths about adulthood, relationships and marriage counseling. These myths are played out everywhere. We hear them in our childhood, in the media, at school an when we talk with friends. “Grow up. Be a man.” “You can handle it. Suck it up.” “You’re an independent

Overcoming Dating Anxiety in Ottawa

Everyone can relate to social anxiety to some degree since anxiety in Ottawa isn’t an uncommon thing. We’ve all felt some level of social anxiety if we’re starting school, going to a party where you don’t know anyone, or starting a new job. Different people deal with it in different ways, whether it’s through therapy