Do you procrastinate? You might be a perfectionist


Perfectionism and Procrastination: Are they stopping you from achieving your goals? Focusing on being perfect zaps your energy. Focusing on being perfect robs you from enjoying your life. Is your need for perfectionism making you procrastinate? Do you procrastinate about tasks, assignments, chores that need to get done because you need everything to be just

Is the arrival of a New Baby Hurting Your Marriage?

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Can your relationship or marriage withstand the challenges of taking care for a newborn baby? 67% of couples reported that their marital satisfaction took a nosedive after the arrival of their baby. For many married couples, their first child often arrived within the first five years of marriage. And this period in any relationship has been shown

Communication Tips for Divorced Parents

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Effective communication after separation or divorce that is child centred and child focused can be very difficult for many couples after their relationship breaks down. Couples who are separation or divorce in Ottawa may find it difficult to put their personal and emotional differences on the side when they have to speak to their ex

Exam Anxiety You’re not alone

Many students young and old, suffer from exam anxiety. That awful feeling of sweaty palms, rapid breathing, dizziness or worse you completely blank out when you look at the exam or test paper. And exam anxiety doesn’t just happen exam day. You can experience exam anxiety in the weeks and days leading up to your exams by

Ottawa Counselling Can End Workplace Anxiety

Those struggling with social anxiety know that this crippling disorder rears its ugly head in a wide variety of social situations, regardless of whether these situations are voluntary. Take the workplace for example; Ottawa counselling professionals know that people must regularly face, and function socially within their place of employment. One really cannot avoid going

Perseverance What Does it Take?

 Are we raising a generation of Quitters? Someone recently told me about an article called “The Quitter Generation?” written by Kim Kiyosaki. Kim Kiyosaki is married to Robert Kiyosaki. He wrote the financial book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. While this article did not provide answers to the question  “Are we raising a generation of quitters?”

Distressed Couples need Connection

Distressed Couple need connection with each other. What is more strengthening and healing than being understood and emotionally attached to my love? To pull away from each other can send the wrong message– that your partner is unacceptable as he or she is or even I’m unacceptable the way I am.  When we withdraw for each

Are we too Busy to Enjoy Life?

Are we too Busy to Enjoy Life? “People expect us to be busy, overworked. It’s become a status symbol in our society – if we’re busy, we are important; if we’re not busy, we’re almost embarrassed to admit it. Busyness is where we get our security. It’s validating, popular, and pleasing. It’s also a good

Dads Parenting Daughters

Dads it’s time to invest in quality time with your daughters. While it can seem scary at times. It doesn’t take special knowledge for Dads to participate in parenting their daughters. From the time they are born Dads parenting daughters looks like changing diapers, rocking her to sleep and reading bedtime stories. As she ages,