Anxiety Counselling in Ottawa – find relief and live a fulfilling life.

Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety Counselling Services in Ottawa & Kanata

Does your anxiety interfere with your work, school or home life?

  • Do you feel your heart is racing or it’s in your throat?
  • Does social anxiety keep you isolated?
  • Experience unexplainable tummy aches, nausea or clammy hands?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s level of anxiety?
  • Is your child clingy and needs constant reassurance?
  • Unable to enjoy yourself because you worry a lot?
  • Feeling vulnerable?
  • Are your muscles always tense or you can’t seem to relax?
  • Are you easily startled or jumpy?
  • Think too much or expect the worst possible outcome?
Anxiety Counselling in Ottawa – find relief and live a fulfilling life.
Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.
Our experienced anxiety counselor in Ottawa can help you manage your symptoms and feel better.
Ottawa therapists at Family-Therapy are here to support you when you seek help.

When should you seek anxiety counselling?

Relaxing nature scenes can help you fell calm and centered during anxiety counseling sessions.

Anxiety and worries can be adaptive when they assist in identifying of real threats. Anxiety can help you stay motivated and attentive. But when anxiety is a way of life, or it’s taking over your life, it’s time to take action and seek the support of anxiety counselling to help you.

It’s common to feel nervous or tense when they face a stressful situation like a job interview or an exam. But when anxiety and worries occur so frequently that you develop ineffective coping responses to fear and it prevents you from engaging in everyday activities, you may wish to explore the causes of your feelings.

Anxiety is a real disorder, and the symptoms can be debilitating.

Finding Solutions For Anxiety

You don’t have to live with anxiety. Being consumed with anxiety is not a pleasant experience. Many times the fears, worries and social nervousness begins long before a situation occurs and its unpleasant effects don’t go away until long after the event has happened. Call us at Family-Therapy, located in Ottawa, today and learn how we can help guide you to a more peaceful state of mind. 

Parenting An Anxious Child

As a parent of an anxious child or teen you can help your child learn techniques to help manage anxiety.  Every bit of support can be helpful. Even after you do seek professional help for your child’s anxiety, parents still play a key role in helping your child manage their stress and practice techniques at home and in public. Look at ways you can rid your home of excessive stress and tension. It is important that you and your partner work together to help your child manage anxiety.  While you may not agree on everything, agreeing on a few social anxiety reducing methods can be helpful to reducing your child’s anxiety.

Parents you may wish to read our brochure regarding helping your child with Anxiety.

As parents we don’t always have all the answers or the skills to help our kids through their anxiety. Seek professional anxiety counselling and psychotherapy, for your teens’ or child’s anxiety can be helpful, especially in cases where they are avoiding common day activities and are experiencing emotional and physical distress from their anxiety. Call Family Therapy today at 613-287-3799 to book your appointment with our experienced Ottawa therapists and social workers who specialize in stress & anxiety in Ottawa.

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Confidential and Empathetic Counselling

Family-Therapy’s family counselling services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Kanata aim to help you and your families cope with a wide range of complex challenges. Seek timely help and resolve difficult situations by discussing them with a trained professional therapist. We work with refugee claimants and Military members and their families. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, please call 613-287-3799 or email us. Doctors, Therapists, and Lawyers can fax us at 1-613-777-4975.