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Stress Management | Identifying Stress Factors

Today’s world is full of things that cause us stress—pressures from work, family, and finances can accumulate and become overwhelming. Stress is increasing everywhere, where we lead busy overwhelmed lives as we try to help them keep on top of their stress, at work with so many deadlines hanging over employees heads, even retirement is getting more stressful. While stress can be beneficial in helping us prepare for change, too much stress can be overwhelming.  Stress factors cause our body to react in a way that makes us feel upset, out of balance, or even threatened. Stress response, known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction, can be caused by a number of things. From daily hassles to major life events, stress can hit us at any moment and can affect your overall mood. From traffic jams to waiting in line, external causes of stress are just as important as those caused by psychological or physical stressors such as loneliness or lack of sleep. No matter what the stress factor may be, it is important to work on identifying it, so that the proper stress management protocol can be learned and implemented.

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How Does Identifying Stress Factors Help Stress Management?

Stress management techniques can be the best solution in addressing stress factors and making them manageable. Managing stress in the workplace, for example, can help with stress factors such as job dissatisfaction, office politics, and a heavy workload. Although stress can sometimes help you overcome challenges at work, at some point they become burdensome and cause a decrease in quality of life. Through stress management counseling, we can identify and help address your stress factors and address them to work on improving quality of life damaged by stress. Anxious thoughts, worrying, and moodiness can all be signs of stress problems. Stress can also cause severe symptoms such as physical pain and more frequent illnesses, partially due to the affect stress can have on healthy eating and sleeping habits. Many things affect your ability to tolerate stress, such as your attitude and the people you surround yourself. Based on the combination of stress factors, stress symptoms, and stress tolerance levels, stress can become a problem that gets out of control fast for some people. The best option for people experiencing out of control stress is stress management counseling.

How Does Counselling  Assist in Stress Management?

Counseling services address stress factors through stress management techniques that are personalized for each patient that walks through the door. The counseling sessions will be based around your needs, and will aim to create a space in which you can discuss whatever issues may be causing your stress. Counseling is a judgment-free environment, as therapists want to see you satisfied and happy with life, instead of living with the burden of stress. Through a consultation, we can determine a stress management plan to best tackle to aspects of your life’s stress based on your stress factors. Stress management counseling is a great option for those feeling overwhelmed by stress. This type of counseling can allow therapists to identify stress factors and teach stress management techniques that will help you to adapt to the stress in your life. No matter what the causes may be, the pressure in life that makes us feel overwhelmed can be managed and reduced through stress management counseling techniques.

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