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Marriage and Relationships

Marriage and Relationships | How Counseling Fits For You

Are you looking for help saving your marriage? Do you feel your relationship is in jeopardy and you need relationship help?  All relationships have patterns, and sometimes these patterns can become destructive or unhealthy. Daily stress, parenting, financial issues, and a bustling schedule can all lead to fighting or other relationship/marriage problems. If you are having trouble communicating with your partner, or believe you have developed bad habits that are destructive to your relationship– you are not alone, many couples experience marriage problems. The key is to address the issues in your relationship, whatever they may be, and seek help while you can still save your marriage. Whether in a relationship or married, at Family Therapy we offer counseling services that fit the uniqueness of your relationship dynamics.

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Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.

What Do I Need to Know About Therapy for Marriage and Relationships?

There are many things that can cause pressure to separate, or make couples feel that they are being driven apart. Couples counseling is important to support couples who are experiencing relationship problems.  Family Therapy provides marriage  and couples therapy. We work with same sex, gay or lesbian couples.  We are GBTLQQ friendly therapy centre. A marriage or couples therapist will work with couples before and after they are married. Often times marriage counseling and relationship therapy works the best if both parties are open to change and want to try new things to save their relationship. Everyone has marriage problems, but therapy can provide methods that will allow couples to find success through support and healthy discussion. Through marriage counseling or couples therapy, many have found their challenges can actually strengthen their relationship as they work through them. Through increased communication and mutual respect, relationship therapy is a way to overcome the issues that you face and save your marriage/relationship.

Often times, relationship problems seem like a broken record, playing the same arguments over and over. Seeking outside help from a third party, such as a therapist, is a great way to get non-partial assistance in addressing the marital issues that you and your partner may face. Through therapy and counseling, couples can learn to avoid unhealthy patterns when having disagreements, and instead find skills which allow for constructive discussion. Remembering that you are partners that should work together as a team can be the first step to a long and happy marriage. No matter what step in your relationship you may be in, seeking therapy can help to avoid future problems, and save your marriage or relationship.

How can I learn More about Counselling for Couples, Marriage and relationships?

In order to get more information about marriage therapy or relationship counseling, you can contact our office to set up a consultation. This consultation will allow you to air your grievances and determine if the services at Family Therapy will be right for you and your partner. Finding solutions to static patterns may not seem easy, but with the help of a therapist, you can find the dynamic differences that your relationship needs to get back on track. Having a consultation with one of our trained therapists could make that difference for your relationship—so don’t risk it and wait any longer. Please call our office to schedule your consultation.

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Family-Therapy’s family counselling services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Kanata aim to help you and your families cope with a wide range of complex challenges. Seek timely help and resolve difficult situations by discussing them with a trained professional therapist. We work with refugee claimants and Military members and their families. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, please call 613-287-3799 or email us. Doctors, Therapists, and Lawyers can fax us at 1-613-777-4975.