LGBTQ+ Counselling in Ottawa – find a safe and welcoming space to be yourself.

LGBTQ Counselling

LGBTQ+ Counselling

Sexual orientation and gender issues can affect individuals or couples, their children, parents and friends.

  • Concerned or have questions about your own sexual orientation?
  • Questioning your own sexuality and not sure where to begin?
  • Looking to come out as a LGBT individual or couple?
  • Looking for a safe, professional and friendly environment to speak with a therapist?
  • Trouble in your relationship as a same sex couple?
  • Going through a transition and would like support during this time?
  • Experiencing denial, rejection or judgement from family, friends or peers at school or work?
  • Unable to connect with, understand or communicate effectively with your LGBTQ+ child?
Our experienced LGBTQ+ counselor in Ottawa provides a supportive environment for clients.
Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.
Anxiety Counselling and Psychotherapy in Ottawa

Are you weighed down by any of the following struggles?

  • Confusion or mixed feelings
  • Guilt or shame
  • Worry, anxiety, depression and fears
  • Unsure how to respond to questions
  • Who you want to come out to and why
  • Sense of letting others down
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sense of isolation or not having anyone to confide in

Be Understood and Empowered

Family-Therapy in Kanata offers counselling and therapy by professional and caring therapists who have experience working with a wide variety of LGBTQ+ issues and concerns. Counselling at Family-Therapy can help address your personal issues and concerns in a safe, understanding, and professional environment. They can help you explore your sexual identity and help you to feel empowered to embrace your unique identity or that of your love one.  Call us today for an appointment and begin the process of freeing yourself of the constraints surrounding your particular issue.  Take the first step by calling us today to book or inquire about our services and therapists.

Take the first step by calling us today. Our dedicated psychotherapists in
Ottawa want to help you.

Confidential and Empathetic Counselling

Family-Therapy’s family counselling services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Kanata aim to help you and your families cope with a wide range of complex challenges. Seek timely help and resolve difficult situations by discussing them with a trained professional therapist. We work with refugee claimants and Military members and their families. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, please call 613-287-3799 or email us. Doctors, Therapists, and Lawyers can fax us at 1-613-777-4975.