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Child Therapy

Is your child showing the following signs or symptoms of distress?

  • Heightened irritability, reactivity, easily startled or fearful
  • Sudden onset or increase in problems and/or difficulties at school
  • Unusual or exaggerated mood swings or tantrums
  • Ongoing behavioural difficulties such as aggressive behaviour
  • Withdrawn, unusually quiet, avoids new situations
  • Sudden health complaints such as stomach pain, headaches, particularly when it’s time to go to school or start a new activity
  • Sleep related issues
  • Crying spells that are prolonged or have increased in frequency
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Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.

Has your child been exposed to the following traumas or stressors?

  • Physical, emotional or sexual abuse
  • Bullying
  • Emotional or physical neglect
  • A serious accident of some kind
  • Loss of a family member in death
  • Parental separation or separation
  • Difficulties related to blended families or sibling relationships
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Child Counselling Services in Ottawa

What to do if your child is being bullied at school

Children are particularly vulnerable when it comes to verbalizing their painful feelings or internal struggles, since they are still learning to understand what they are feeling. For some children, their ability to express their feelings can be further compromised by traumatic events in their lives or due to other overwhelming challenges that they might be facing.

Family-Therapy in Kanata has a qualified and experienced child therapist ready to help your child get back to a happy, healthy and secure childhood.  If you are looking for Child counselling services in Ottawa and Kanata area, call us today for an appointment with Bridgette Guidon our child therapist.

What is Child Therapy?

Adults and adolescents are very different from children in terms of their emotional and mental needs.  Child therapy involves a set of interventions devised especially to care for the mental health of children. Some child therapy methods are:

  • Play Therapy:  Methods such as sand tray technique are used where a child is invited to explore and create scenarios with figurines in a sand tray.  The child therapist then guides them to better understand and process unresolved feelings.
  • Art Therapy:  Involves the use of drawing, colouring and processing as an alternative way for children to communicate and express their feelings and thoughts so that they can heal and grow.
  • Family Systems Therapy: Involves a child therapist’s assessment of the whole family or guardians to determine where adjustments can be made that will help ensure a child’s developmental needs are met.
  • Talk Therapy:  This method depends on the child’s age.  The talking focuses on their appropriate developmental, emotional and relational needs.   A specialized child therapistwill help your child gain the necessary comfort and skills to process their thoughts and feelings.

Developing Coping Skills

Children are still in the process of developing their coping skills. Allowing your child to engage in play therapy may make expressing their emotions and feelings easier. How children develop their sense of confidence, their ability to manage their emotions and their skills in creating appropriate boundaries are all part of a crucial developmental process that affects the course of their lives. As a parent, you no doubt want to give your child a strong foundation that will enhance their emotional and mental health, and their future as a whole. Child Counselling and therapy at Family-Therapy in Ottawa can help resolve your child’s particular issues in a safe, friendly and professional space. Our caring and compassionate child therapist will ensure your child feels comfortable and secure.

What Happens In Child Therapy?

Our child therapist initially meets with both to get a better understanding of your child’s needs. As parents you know your child the best and you can explain what you are seeing at home. This time with the child therapist also allows you to ask the child therapist questions.  Upon assessment of your child’s needs, the child therapist will recommend a suitable therapeutic method appropriate for their age and specific issues/challenges.   With all therapeutic methods, the child therapist addresses developmental needs while also attending to your child’s specific issues and challenges.

Help for your child is available at Family-Therapy in Ottawa.  Take the first step by calling us today to book or inquire about our services and child therapists.  We look forward to assisting you and your child.

Take the first step by calling us today. Our dedicated psychotherapists in
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Confidential and Empathetic Counselling

Family-Therapy’s family counselling services in Ottawa, Nepean, and Kanata aim to help you and your families cope with a wide range of complex challenges. Seek timely help and resolve difficult situations by discussing them with a trained professional therapist. We work with refugee claimants and Military members and their families. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment, please call 613-287-3799 or email us. Doctors, Therapists, and Lawyers can fax us at 1-613-777-4975.