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Anxiety Stress Responses and Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is a normal response to stress, but it is also a regularly misunderstood condition. Anxiety is a normal part of our lives. It’s your body’s way of telling you, you are experiencing stress or you need to be prepared for an upcoming exam, presentation, or interview. Anxiety can get out of control when your life becomes consumed with worry and tension. Patterns of anxiety can become excessive, or even feel uncontrollable. Stressors– such as finances, family issues, school related, exams, or work related stress– can cause anxiety symptoms.

In this way, anxiety is a response to stress, and if left untreated, it can become a cycle of irrationalities that someone focuses on. Anxiety can affect your daily functions, and can cause physical symptoms such as sweating and insomnia. It is important to recognize that many people are affected, so you are not alone. It is important to get individualized care through counselling and psychotherapy so you can get a better understanding and control over your anxiety.

How Does Stress Affect My Anxiety?

Although stress affects everyone differently, many experience the feelings, fears, or physical effects associated with anxiety. Sometimes we become overwhelmed by daily stressors and we need relief. Anxieties affects the way people think, act, and live their lives. Often mental and physical symptoms can be caused by anxiety without the afflicted person even realizing the connection. This means that sometimes a person’s anxiety could be treated by physical therapy to eliminate any physical stress or pains that could add to an anxious mindset. We know chronic pain can lead to anxiety and depression. When you are stressed, some of us hold the stress in our muscles and we experience neck pain, tight shoulders or headaches. While physical therapy can help eliminate any physical stress, you do need to get to the root cause of your stress, worries, and anxiety.

Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.
Speaking with a trained therapist can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.
Ottawa therapists at Family-Therapy are here to support you when you seek help.
Ottawa therapists at Family-Therapy are here to support you when you seek help.

If you think you may be affected by anxiety, there is no reason to avoid getting a consultation to see if counselling may be a healthy option for you. Although anxiety is a universal emotion that affects all of us from time to time, not everyone experiences it or is affected by it in the same manner. In more severe cases there can be a link between anxiety and depression. For that reason it is important to identify what anxiety issues you may have, their causes, and speak to a therapist about potential coping strategies.


When anxiety begins to cause significant distress, you may need to learn new skills to help manage it. Through counselling, you can learn how to reduce or stop an anxious response. Counselling may involve techniques to reduce the intensity of anxiety, better manage stress, and reduce and eliminate avoidance behaviours that maintain the anxiety. When anxiety is overcome, it is like a burden being lifted off your shoulders, and can often make you feel like a new and much happier person.

To stop anxiety, it must first be faced in a counselling environment. It can be difficult for you to find the causes of your angst, stress, and irritability on your own. If relief is your main goal, then counselling is an important first step to achieving that relief. Although anxiety may scare you, you are not alone- anxiety treatment and learning how to manage anxiety is something that many people do to effectively cope with throughout their lives.

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