Mother’s Day and Loss



Mother’s Day and Loss

In case you haven’t noticed Mother’s day is this Sunday. While this Sunday morning in many households will be abuzz with kids waking up early to cook Mom breakfast, not all moms will be so fortunate to see or hear from their children.

For some, moms,  Mother’s day it is a day of pain, sadness, and loss. Some Mothers have lost their children due to a miscarriage, death, divorce, estrangement or any other reason why they have lost contact with their children. To those mothers I feel your pain.  It is hard to be happy on a day when you are reminded of your loss.

Here are some simple ways to reach out to a grieving mother  you may know, on Mother’s day is this Sunday.

1)   Acknowledge that she is still a Mother

2)   Acknowledge her loss

3)   Talk about her child

4)   Share a memory or pictures of her child

5)   Don’t minimize her loss

6)   Ask if there is something you could do together on this day or another day to honour her and her loss

7)   Encourage Self-Care

To all the mothers out there whether you will see or be with your children this weekend Happy Mother’s Day.