Divorcing After 60

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As therapists we understand how difficult it is to be a young child or a teen of divorced parents. Sometimes parents try to pull their child in each direction, kids having to listen to one parent bad mouth your other parent, the horrors of splitting holidays, and having to move from one home to the

Has Divorce Guilt Made You a Bad Parent?

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Therapist Nataxja Cini is speaking with CBC host Stu Mills about Divorce Guilt. Has Divorce Guilt made you a bad parent? How has it impacted your parenting skills? This call-in show explores many aspects of Divorce Guilt and how it can impact your children, your relationship with your children, and your own sense of success

Handling Divorce Holiday Schedule with Kids?

Divorce Counselling

Handling Divorce Holiday Schedule with Kids How do divorced families handle the holidays? Well as we know, handling holiday celebrations is a challenge for most families. For separated or divorced families, the holiday stress just increases. Along with attending to the usual holiday events – recitals, gifts, shopping, travelling, and family gatherings, divorced parents find

Communication Tips for Divorced Parents

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Effective communication after separation or divorce that is child centred and child focused can be very difficult for many couples after their relationship breaks down. Couples who are separation or divorce in Ottawa may find it difficult to put their personal and emotional differences on the side when they have to speak to their ex

Your Bounce Back Ability

BAD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED: NOW WHAT? At different stages of our lives, we must face challenges that we never imagined.  Major life changes, whether they are positive or negative, like getting married or going through a divorce,  or losing your job, can pose serious adjustment struggles. Changes that are unexpected or painful pose additional problems