Coronavirus Anxiety – you’re not alone

If constantly reading and being exposed to all the coronavirus news is making you feel stressed, you’re not alone. Many people are sharing their worries with their families and friends and publicly on social media. Experts say overloading on information about coronavirus and the impact on your life and the economy, can make you particularly

Social Distancing in the Age of Covid-19 and Keeping Emotional Connected

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting advice from public health to stay home as much as possible (depending on your job), avoid gathering in groups and keep clear of close contact with other people even on the street has intensified the harm that social isolation causes many people. How do we manage Social distancing in order

COVID-19 emergency and eCounselling

To our valued clients, We hope you are well and managing during these trying and constantly changing times.During this uncertain time, it is important for us to care for our basic needs of health and safety, including emotional health. The health, safety and well-being of our clients is our top priority, and we following the