Ottawa Counselling Emphasizes the Importance of Family in Dodging Teen Depression

Ottawa area psychologists estimate that as much as 20% of the population will suffer from depression during the teen years. Teen depression isn’t simple: Many things—genetic predisposition, family upbringing, stressful situations or events all increase the risk of developing teen depression. Therapists with Kanata counselling practices point out that what’s particularly unsettling is that, left

Depression in Ottawa Impacts the Workplace

The topic of depression in Ottawa, as well as in society-at-large, has generally become a more widely accepted one than perhaps it has been in the past. Many of us have struggled with at least some form of depression, or know someone else who has. However, despite the increased comfort level we have in theoretical

How Can You Cure Holiday Stress?

What Causes Holiday Stress? The holidays offer plenty of reasons to be stressed out and anxious — the gifts you haven’t wrapped or haven’t bought, not having enough money or spending too much money on gifts, food, and alcohol, the office parties, having to travel home for the holidays, getting stuck in bad weather with