What Happens in Therapy?

At our first appointment, we will discuss what concerns or worries brought you to seek counselling. We will ask you questions regarding the history of your issue and what you are hoping to accomplish through our sessions. Through our conversation together, we will discover if we have a good rapport and want to continue working together.

In the video, Nataxja Cini of Family Therapy shares more about what to expect at your counselling session.

Couples Therapy

For couples, we meet together as we explore your history and your concerns. Jointly we try to identify the negative interactive patterns that cause conflict in your relationship. We look for ways to diffuse the conflict and tension so we can open pathways to more positive communication and stronger connection with each other.

Family Therapy

When we meet with families, we prefer meeting with all the family members, as everyone has his or her own point of view and contribution to the family dynamics. Sometimes we will meet alone with the parents.

Youth Therapy

When working with adolescents, there is not very much communication between the therapist and parents, as it’s important to build up trust and respect for your teen’s privacy. Youth may choose to invite you into their session. If we feel your youth is at risk we will notify you. We discuss boundaries and limitations to confidentially at the beginning of therapy with our teen clients.

How long is a therapy session?

The length of a first session depends if you are here for individual, couple, or family therapy.
Individual and Youth sessions are 50 minutes
Couples, first session 90 minutes, remaining sessions 50 minutes
Families, first session 90 minutes, remaining sessions 50 minutes

How often does one go to therapy?

Most clients find it helpful to see their therapist weekly. However there are times when more frequent sessions are needed. Sometimes there are reasons why people cannot come weekly. We also see people every second week.

How many sessions would be required?

We see clients anywhere between from 10 to 25 sessions. The duration of your therapy is up to you. It depends on your goal, the complexity of the situation, and your readiness to change. Because of other commitments people do take a break from counselling and then return again at a later date. It takes time for change to happen.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or email transfers at the beginning or end of each session.

Are psychotherapy or psychology services covered by OHIP?

OHIP does not cover psychotherapy or counselling services. You may have third party or health benefits from your employer. At the end of each session, you will get a receipt which you send to your third party insurance. All of our work is performed in conjunction with a registered Ontario psychologist. Most third party insurance accept our receipts. Psychotherapy services are HST exempt. Please keep your receipts and use them on your income tax returns. Therapists at Family-Therapy are supervised by registered Ontario psychologists.

Family Doctors, Paediatricians, and Psychiatrists

We accept referrals directly from Ottawa, Kanata and surrounding area Family Doctors, Paediatricians, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists. Please call us or fax us at 1 – 613-777-4975. Use our Referral Form for your convenience. We offer most appointments within a 1 week time frame.

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