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Using your Five senses to Ground Yourself

  Using your Five senses to Ground Yourself   When you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed use your five senses to help ground you in the present moment. Sometimes we get caught up in our anxiety and our thoughts. Using your senses,  keeps you in...

Are You stuck after an Affair?

Are you stuck after an affair? Learning about an affair or admitting to your partner you had an affair is one of the most painful events that can happen within a marriage or relationship. Whether you are the hurting partner or the unfaithful partner, getting stuck...

Nataxja Cini on CTV News about the Toronto Van Attack

The images of the van attack in Toronto were pervasive on television and on social media. Nataxja Cini speaks with news anchor Matt Skube about how to talk with your children about the attacks. It's easy to be traumatized by the images on TV, and for children to view...