Male Depression

Depression is a serious, yet treatable health condition that can affect any man. While depression is often associated with sadness and hopelessness, it can express itself in many ways such as

  • fits of rage,
  • unnecessary risk taking behaviours,
  • and alcohol or drug abuse

How do you know if you or someone you care about may be depressed?


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Depression can sneak up on you or your loved one. Sometimes you may not realize you are becoming depressed as it can happen gradually over time. Here are some signs that may indicate you or someone you care about is depressed.


Signs of Depression 

Persistent pain – people who suffer from chronic pain are at risk of becoming depressed and depression can make your body feel achy or sore

Lack of Energy – Do you feel exhausted all the time? is it hard to get up and do anything?

Loss of sex drive – Depression causes you to loss interest in activities that are pleasurable

Changes in appetite – Are you eating anything and everything to try to make yourself feel better? Or have you completely lost your appetite and can’t bare to eat anything?

Change in sleep patterns – Depression plays havoc with your sleep patterns. You may be so tired and feel the need to sleep all the time or you may have insomnia or wake up too early in the morning or have trouble falling asleep.

Over using alcohol or using drugs  – Are you using  alcohol or drugs to make yourself feel better or not experience any negative emotions? Alcohol can cause further depression.

Feeling a lot of negative emotions – Are you feeling guilty, hopeless, rage or extreme anger? Do you feel numb or can’t remember the last time you felt any emotions at all?  Do you feel anxious, sad or nervous or lonely?

 Losing interest in life – Depression causes you to loss interest in activities that are pleasurable such as sex or hobbies, or hanging out with your friends, or connecting with your family.

Engaging in high risks behaviours – Depressed men are more likely to engage in high risk behaviours. taking risks or unsafe chances.

Thinking about death or suicide – If you are ever feeling suicidal it’s important that you immediately call someone you trust or 911 for help.

What Causes Depression?

Isolated young maleA number of events or things can be associated with the development of depression. Sometimes you may not be able to pin point the cause of depression. Here are some events that can cause depression. It’s important to know anyone can get depressed. And depression does not have to last a lifetime.

Events that can cause Depression

  • Life stressors
  • Family or Relationship Problems
  • Problems at Work, loss of job or retiring
  • Socially isolated
  • Negative experiences or trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Illness and treatments such as chemotherapy

What can I do about Depression?

Depression is a highly treatable condition. In most cases it can be improved with a combination of lifestyle changes, professional therapy and medication. Unfortunately many men go through depression without help or treatment. If you think you might have depression, or you know someone who is depressed, it is important that you do reach out for support and help. Talk to someone you trust about depression and reach out and connect with a mental health professional who can help find your way out of depression. Call us at Family-Therapy at 613-287-3799, we are here to help you overcome your depression.