Anger Management

Are you or someone you know facing the following anger management issues?

  • Angry at a boss, co-worker, or situation at work
  • Concerned about outbursts of anger in your family
  • High stress levels or snapping at people around you
  • Anger in your personal or significant relationship
  • Acting out on your angry impulses and harming the feelings of people in your life
  • Worried about taking out your anger on others and regretting your words or actions afterwards
  • Wanting to be in control of your anger
  • Concerned your anger may become physically violent
  • Been arrested and charged with domestic violence

Through our individual anger management therapy, you can learn how to:

  • Gain understanding of your own set of triggers of anger
  • Cope with frustrations in new stress-reducing ways
  • Feel in charge of your anger
  • Redefine your relationship problems into positive outcomes
  • Feel more peace and harmony at home, with friends, and family
  • Feel calm when you would otherwise feel like snapping
  • Bring more enjoyment and connection in your relationships

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Understanding the Depth of Your Anger

Anger is a real feeling. However, how we deal with our anger can be problematic for ourselves and for those with whom we work and live with. Sometimes anger ranges from feeling irritated to feeling absolutely enraged. In order to start managing your anger, it’s important for you to understand what triggers your rage. Individual anger management counselling and therapy can help address your issues and concerns in a safe, confidential and professional space. Your therapist will guide you through steps that facilitate effective ways of understanding and managing your anger. There is support and help for you here at Family-Therapy in Ottawa. We are experienced in anger counselling and therapy.

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