Anger Management

Reasons to Consider Anger Management Therapy in Ottawa

While everyone experiences an occasional surge of anger, an inability to channel it constructively can be harmful to you and those close to you. This is where anger management therapy comes in. If your relationships or life situations have led to ongoing issues with controlling or managing your anger, the Ottawa anger management therapists at Family-Therapy are here to help.

    • Are you experiencing ongoing anger toward a boss, co-worker, or situation at work?
    • Have the outbursts of anger in your family become a matter of concern?
    • Are you highly stressed and snapping or lashing out at people around you all the time?
    • Are your personal or significant relationships evoking an ongoing feeling of anger?
    • Is your anger causing unhealthy impulses that you later regret?

Stay in better control of your anger before it makes you physically violent or gets you into trouble in your relationships or with the authorities.

Through our individual anger management therapy, you can learn how to:

  • Get a better grip on the triggers that spark anger in you
  • Feel in charge and cope with frustrations in stress-reducing ways
  • Learn how to be calmer, make peace, and revitalize your relationships
  • Redefine your problems into positive outcomes
  • Let the anger management therapists at Family-Therapy enable you to achieve a healthier state of mind and improved relationships. Book an appointment to know how we can help you overcome anger management issues.

Understanding the Depth of Your Anger

Anger is a real feeling that can range from mild irritation to enormous rage. However, how we deal with our anger defines the health of our relationships, both personal and professional. In order to channelize your anger appropriately, it is important for you to understand what triggers this emotion. Individual anger management counselling and therapy can help address your issues and concerns in a safe, confidential and professional space. The counsellors at Family-Therapy in Ottawa specialize in anger management therapy. We can guide and support you in your journey to control anger and find peace and harmony in life.

Take the first step by calling us today. Our dedicated therapists in Ottawa want to help.

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