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Everyone goes through challenging situations in life. While you may have successfully navigated through other difficulties, Ottawa therapists at Family-Therapy are here to support you when you with seek out extra support. Family-Therapy offers you professional and confidential counselling in Ottawa. We are independent therapists who offer a variety of therapy and counselling services. Family-Therapy offers you therapy with qualified therapists who can address child and teen therapy, family and step-family challenges, individual, and couple therapy issues. We’re open Monday through Fridays and offer day and evening appointments. Call us today and find out how therapy can help you, your children, your relationships, and your family.

Nataxja Cini, counselor and therapist at Family-TherapyNataxja Cini, MSW, RSW

Nataxja Cini is a registered social worker. She addresses the emotional needs of couples, individuals, and adults. Nataxja specializes in working with couples as they face their unique challenges of creating a new life together. She is passionate about assisting couples reconnect with each other in a positive respectful manner and creating strong loving bonds. Nataxja has experience helping couples and individuals overcome the challenges they face in their relationship, together as a couple or on their own and especially after the discovery of an affair whether emotional or physical.

Nataxja is an Emotional Focused Couples Therapist  ( EFT). The goal of EFT is to deepen and strengthen the emotional bond between individuals whether they are a couple, individual or family members by creating emotional safety and an environment within which you can explore your vulnerabilities, fears, and concerns. As a couples therapist, she creates a safe environment and encourages you to express your vulnerable emotions so you can be heard and understood by your partner. She helps both of parties feel safe as she don’t take sides and sees your relationship and your marriage as her client.

Nataxja works with older teens and adults to help them identify and overcome their current life challenges.  She specializes in anger, depression, anxiety, family issues, separation, divorce, and infidelity. Nataxja has experience working with individuals suffering from severe depression. She can work with you in short term or long term therapy to help you achieve your life goals.

Nataxja taught psychology and provided student counselling services, at the Canadian National Institute of Health in Ottawa. She worked at the Royal Ottawa Hospital, Brockville Campus in their Dual Diagnosis Unit.

Nataxja, provides services under the supervision of registered psychologist Dr. Brenda Saxe Ph.D, C. Psych.

Call today to book your appointment today for couples or individual therapy  or leave a confidential message for Nataxja. She is currently accepting new individual and couple clients.


Shelley Colter, psychotherapist, counselor, and family therapist at Family-TherapyShelley Colter, CCC

Shelley Colter, M.A. is a psychotherapist, couple, and family therapist. She has over 20 years experience as an officer with the Canadian military in operational environments. Shelley works individuals (16 years of age and older), couples and families work through problems and issues. Shelley’s therapeutic goal is to assist clients to be heard and validated, to empower clients to discover and develop their unique strengths, and support clients in the resolution of issues or conflicts.
Shelley has a special interest in assisting current or retired military personnel, first responders and their families who have been effected by work related stress, personal trauma, PTSD, loss and grief. Shelley understands the challenges individuals, couples, and families face with operations, deployment and reintegration into the family and community.
As your therapist, Shelley is compassionate in assisting individuals, couples or families understand and explore issues associated with sexual and/or gender identity and related challenges they may face. She also works with trauma, including sexual trauma in childhood and adulthood, post traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and anger.
Call today to book an appointment for therapy or leave a confidential message for Shelley. She is accepting new clients in Kanata and downtown Ottawa.


Melissa Hooper, individual couple and family therapist at Family-TherapyMelissa Hooper, RP(Q)

Melissa Hooper is an individual, and couples therapist. Melissa’s approach to therapy is to provide a collaborative, compassionate and non-judgmental environment that fosters self-discovery and self-awareness. She has additional training to help individuals and couples who may be experiencing sexual issues or concerns. 

Melissa believes in a wellness model of psychotherapy that provides support, raises self-esteem and empowers individuals to work through and overcome life’s difficulties. She uses a client centered method that incorporates thoughts, emotions and sensations to identify and develop insight in addressing and achieving personal goals.

As a couple therapist, Melissa, uses an attachment treatment approach that helps couples identify barriers or negative patterns that may exist within their relationship and guides them toward understanding and positive change. Melissa uses an integrative, supportive and empathetic technique with couple clients who may be dealing with infertility, loss of intimacy or those contemplating separation or divorce

Melissa has experience in helping people who have struggled with a wide range of concerns including low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and relational problems. She specializes in working with individuals and couples experiencing sexual issues or concerns.

Melissa provides services under the supervision of Augustine Meier, Ph.D, C. Psych and Shelley Briscoe-Dimock, Ph.D, RP, RMFT.

Call today to book your appointment today for therapy or leave a confidential message for Melissa. She is currently NOT accepting new clients.


Greg Hill, MA, LPC, MHSPGreg A. Hill, M.A., LPC/ MHSP, NCC, CCC

Greg is a client-focused therapist who connects interpersonally to build trust and helps adults, youth, families, and couples achieve successful treatment outcomes. Greg works with a wide range of mental health issues and specializes in counselling people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and abuse. He has comprehensive experience in enabling families to navigate life transitions and resolve conflicts including communication barriers, behavioural issues, anger management, and parenting. Greg has a particular, personal affinity for working with individuals who have reading disabilities, ADHD, and autism. He strives to help clients understand the causes and nature of their disabilities and successfully navigate the associated difficulties, improving relations in all areas of daily life.

Every person’s situation is unique, and Greg utilizes an eclectic and integrative theoretical approach to therapy to offer long-term solutions that generate hope and self-reliance. Clients will enjoy a safe and accepting sanctuary with open communication and professional direction. Greg’s therapeutic goal is to understand clients’ presenting stressors, identify their personal strengths, and outline choices for therapeutic interventions and attainable actions. In short, empowerment, understanding, and freedom from the weight of extreme or everyday mental health oppression is the goal.

Greg provides services under the supervision of registered psychologist Dr. Brenda Saxe Ph.D, C. Psych.

Call today to book your appointment today for therapy or leave a confidential message for Greg. He is currently accepting both adult and young clients.


Kelly Savage, Clinical Social Worker and Forensic Social Worker at Family-TherapyKelly Savage, MSW, RSW, LCSW-R, FSW

Kelly Savage is Clinical Social Worker & a Forensic Social Worker who works with children, teens, adults and families. She specializes in helping children & their parents through the separation and divorce process and provides continual support to them afterwards. She has over 20 years of experiencing working with children’s mental health, providing children, teens, adults, couples, and family counselling. Kelly works with families and step families towards enhancing communication, planning & effective parenting & co-parenting. Together, she can assist you and your family develop purposeful goals that achieve positive measurable outcomes.

Kelly Savage is passionate about helping adults who are Survivors of Domestic Violence  and Trauma. She has extensive experience helping adults cope with relationship issues especially those who are in difficult or controlling  relationships.

Kelly provides services under the supervision of registered psychologist Dr. Virginia Simonds.

Call today to book your appointment today for therapy or leave a confidential message for Kelly. She is currently accepting new clients.

Sandra Martins,

Sandra Martins  MA (Can) is a therapist who works with individuals, couples, and families. She specializes in working with women and couples who have experienced issues surrounding pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.  She has experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, angry, grief and loss, and life transitions whether in your personal life or at work. As a military wife, Sandra understands the distinctive challenges facing military families and the challenges they face regarding deployment, relocation, and retirement from the military.

Sandra believes in the inherent value of every individual and understands that life circumstances and past events affect motivation, outlook, and decisions. She will work with you to establish a collaborative relationship that is respectful, engaging, compassionate, and non-judgemental. In a safe and supportive environment you may explore your thoughts, feelings, and lived experiences as you work toward mental, emotional, and relational well-being, and toward meeting your personal and relational goals.

Sandra provides services under the supervision of Augustine Meier, Ph.D, C. Psych and Shelley Briscoe-Dimock, Ph.D, RP, RMFT.

Call today to book your appointment today for therapy or leave a confidential message for Sandra. She is currently accepting new clients in Kanata and Nepean.